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Types of Food that May Help Improve & Protect Your Hearing Health

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A healthy diet can certainly improve our general health, but can the foods we regularly eat improve our hearing too? Evidence would suggest that the answer is yes!

A diet rich in minerals and vitamins, can both boost your health and have a positive impact on your hearing. Below we will detail what foods you can choose and what the benefits are.


The fluid of the inner ear is essential to healthy hearing. Potassium regulates the fluid within our blood and body tissues. Keeping potassium levels maintained can help delay age related hearing loss. It’s found in bananas and much more, such as:


This mineral could help protect you from noise related hearing loss by acting almost as a barrier for the delicate hair cells of the inner ear. A lack of magnesium has also been shown to shrink the blood vessels of the inner ear. Boost yours by eating:


Zinc boosts the immune system and is involved in cell growth and healing processes. This means it can also help you fight off colds and ear infections. It may also help with Tinnitus symptoms. Zinc can interact with certain medications, so check with your physician how much is suitable for you.

Pick recipes including these increase your zinc levels…

Folic Acid

Necessary for cell growth, low levels of folic acid have been linked to age related hearing loss. By getting enough of this in your diet you may be able to slow down hearing loss. Try to eat these foods each week…

Omega 3 Fats and Vitamin D

Omega 3 fats are known to help brain function. Having enough in your diet will improve the vital  sending of signals between your brain and ears. A recent study also found this mineral can reduce the risk of age related hearing loss by over 40 per cent. It’s found in these foods…

There are a few super foods in that list that have more than one mineral, such as spinach, bananas, potatoes, raisins and tomatoes so if you can find recipes with these in – you’re onto a winner!

We hope this blog has given you something to chew over and there are enough choices for you to be able to create some dishes that your ears will thank you for. Do speak to a physician before taking any supplements or drastically changing your diet. If you have any concerns regarding your current hearing health please call us on 864-325-3584 or click here to request an appointment.

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