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Tips for Communicating with Hearing Loss

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Each year, May is celebrated as Better Hearing and Speech Month. The theme for 2019 is ‘Communication Across the Lifespan’. If you have a hearing loss, you may find that communication is more difficult. To help improve your communication, we’ve put together tips for communicating with hearing loss. Whether you have a hearing loss yourself, or you have a friend or loved one who does, these tips can help make communication a breeze.

Be patient. “Never mind, forget it” is one of the worst things to hear if you have a hearing loss. Be patient in your communication. Simple adjustments can sometimes make a world of difference.

Get the other person’s attention. Before you begin speaking, make sure you have the attention of the other person. Gently touch their arm or say their name to ensure that they are paying attention to you.

Face the other person. Did you know that when it comes to communication, only 7% is about the words used? Tone makes up 38%, but body language (including visual cues and gestures), make up an incredible 55% of communication. Facing the other person that you’re speaking to ensures easier of communication.

Check your position. If your hearing loss is worse in one ear than the other, make sure you direct your better ear towards the conversation. Avoid background noise when possible, and try to talk in a well-lit area (to help lip reading).

Use assistance when possible. If you’re out in public, check if hearing loop technologies are available. We also recommend looking into the technology and accessories that may be available for your hearing aid.

Use good phone technique. Talking on the phone with a hearing loss can be difficult. To make things easier, make sure you speak clearly, and direct your voice into the mouthpiece. Try to ensure you’re in a quiet environment, background noise can make understanding more difficult.

Having a hearing loss doesn’t have to stop or prevent you from communicating with others. The tips listed above can help. Further assistance can often be provided with assistive listening devices. If you’d like to explore potential accessories for your hearing aids, come in and have a chat with the hearing care professionals at Come Hear Greenville. We’d be delighted to help you make the most out of your devices. Give us a call today on (864) 546-5708, or click here to request an appointment.

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