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Tips for Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

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Keeping your hearing aid clean and free of bacteria could help prevent any faults occurring and also helps protect your ear from infection. In addition to regular routine checkups for your hearing, we also advise that you have your device professionally cleaned every 3-6 months. This will help preserve the excellent working order and efficiency of your device. After all, hearing aids are delicate and advanced pieces of technology that are relied upon each and every day.

Tips for Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids were an investment, and to protect their longevity a good daily cleaning routine is needed. When you clean your hearing aids, be sure to focus on the microphone and receivers, checking for any obstructions, signs of damage and that all pieces are correctly connecting. Follow these simple tips for cleaning your hearing aids:

General Tips To Protect Your Hearing Aids

Follow these tips to avoid unnecessary damage to your hearing aid:

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