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How to Recognize Hearing Loss Symptoms

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Hearing loss isn’t one-size-fits-all. It affects about 15% of American adults in some capacity. There different types of hearing loss which can be caused by many things, but the overall symptoms can often be similar. Here some of the most common hearing loss symptoms and what you can do to alleviate them.

Changes in Everyday Habits

If you find yourself struggling to understand speech, you might be experiencing hearing loss. Particularly in environments chock full of ambient noise, it is common for people experiencing hearing loss to need to ask others to repeat themselves. Difficulty hearing consonants or having to read lips are other signals that you may want to get your hearing tested.
Maybe you have observed (or been told of) changes to your daily routine. Needing to increase the volume levels on a TV, radio, or telephone are critical indicators of hearing changes. Missing phone calls or doorbells can also be a sign to look out for.

Changes in Social Behavior

Avoiding social situations can be another indicator of hearing loss. You might be trying to avoid any frustration or embarrassment from struggling to hear in loud environments (like restaurants or bars). Perhaps the hum of a bustling social scene triggers discomfort or proves exhausting. While withdrawing may feel more comfortable at first, it can lead to isolation and depression over time.

Changes in Your Health

Certain medications and illnesses can affect hearing. Certain drugs like chemotherapy medications, antimalarial drugs, and pain relievers can cause anything from temporary tinnitus to permanent hearing loss. Diseases that cause a high fever, like meningitis, can put you more at risk for damage to the cochlea. If you observe any changes in your health that could correlate with changes to your hearing, consult your doctor.

Noticing any of the potential changes above can help to identify that changes to your hearing are occurring. Keeping a journal or using an app can help in keeping track of health symptoms and observations. Rather than accepting a muted world around you, consider making an appointment to check your hearing health. Contact professional team at Come Hear Hearing Center for more information. Call (864) 546-5708 to arrange your next appointment.

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