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How Does Hearing Loss Affect Speech?

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Initial concerns about hearing loss tend to focus on how much or little we can hear i.e what is being said to us and what’s happening around us. If this becomes difficult it’s common for someone suffering with untreated hearing loss to isolate themselves socially. Unfortunately for some individuals with hearing loss, their speech can also become less clear. In this blog we explore how this happens, and some tips on how to manage it.

The Connection Between Speech & Sound

Affected speech is usually seen in those who have had a hearing loss since childhood, or in adults with a long term or severe hearing loss. But it can also potentially happen to someone with untreated hearing loss after a period of time.

This is because as your hearing capability reduces, so do the frequencies at which you can hear sounds. In speech, each verbal sound and letter is associated with a unique frequency range. If you lose the ability to hear that range, the following may happen:

The connection between the sounds you can hear and how your brain interprets them is important. Letters and sounds you struggle to hear within words are those you may begin to struggle to say.


Having both a hearing loss and a speech impairment can lead to withdrawal, depression, anxiety and problems concentrating. Here are some tips to help manage this:

It can be difficult to accept that the impact a hearing loss has is greater than just how much you can hear. If you have any concerns about your speech after reading this blog, please do get touch. Early treatment and detection is the best way to reduce the impact of hearing loss on your life, so take the first step today. Call us on (864) 546-5708 or click here to Request An Appointment.

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