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Health Mythbusters: Is Hearing Loss Just 'Part of Getting Older?

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Hearing loss can seem an inevitable part of aging. The NIDCD have found that  approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those 75+ have difficulty hearing. But Presbycusis (age related hearing loss) isn’t necessarily something you just accept as you get older. Let’s look at the causes and what you can do to stay hearing healthy.

About Presbycusis

Age related hearing loss is a gradual process, tending to occur in both ears equally. Often the individual won’t realize they have it – until it’s quite severe. The cause is typically changes to the inner or middle ear or to the nerve pathways. But common age related medical conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure can be a factor as can some medications.

It’s also difficult to distinguish presbycusis from noise induced hearing loss. In fact, it’s common for a combination of these factors to be the cause.

This type of hearing loss can make it difficult to hear certain letter sounds and frequencies which makes spending time with others challenging. But isolation may lead to depression. Presbycusis seems to run in families so watch for these symptoms…

How Can You Lessen The Risks? 

There’s plenty you can do to lessen the risks of presbycusis:

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, we recommend booking in a hearing assessment with your local hearing care professional. The team at Come Hear Hearing Center will talk you through the entire process of a hearing assessment. If treatment is necessary, our team will ensure that you’re fitted with hearing devices that are suited to your lifestyle.  Please get in touch and take the first steps to better hearing. Call us on (864) 546-5708 to arrange your next appointment.

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