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Ear Congestion: What You Should Know

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Have you been experiencing pressure in your ear? Maybe your ear feels “full.” You could be experiencing ear congestion.

Ear congestion is generally caused by your eustachian tube(s). Either your eustachian tube is blocked by something, or it isn’t functioning properly. Your eustachian tubes, also known as the pharyngotympanic tubes or auditory tubes, are small tubes that run between your nasopharynx in your upper throat and your middle ear space. They help to equalize the pressure in your middle ear. Your eustachian tubes generally remain closed, except for when you’re swallowing, chewing or yawning.

If your eustachian tube cannot open fully, it’s unable to equalize pressure in your middle ear. When this happens, you may experience symptoms of discomfort, a feeling of fullness in your ear, dizziness, or tinnitus.

What Causes Ear Congestion?

Any condition that can affect your sinus can result in ear congestion. The most common causes of ear congestion include:  

How Can You Relieve Ear Congestion?

Most cases of ear congestion are caused by a blocked eustachian tube. Clearing your eustachian tube will, in most cases, relieve the congestion. To help, try:

When Should You See A Doctor?

Most cases of ear congestion will clear in 48 hours. You should see a doctor if your ear congestion:

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