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Anxiety Disorders and Hearing Loss

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Anxiety is a common and very difficult condition to live with. 19 million Americans suffer with an anxiety disorder according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Anxiety can also stem from misinformation or a fear of the unknown.

It’s common for anxiety to be connected to hearing difficulties. For example, anxiety as a result of not being able to hear someone correctly and answering inappropriately may arise before a social gathering. This may cause a person to withdraw socially. Other examples could be anxiety about safety when traveling or even just simply telling people about your hearing loss.

More and more research has highlighted how anxiety may increase as a hearing loss increases in severity.

The Research

25 studies that combined data from 17,000 people have been evaluated in this Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology review. 10 of those studies compared people with normal hearing to those with a hearing loss. 8 of them showed that anxiety was more prevalent in persons with hearing loss or tinnitus. Other findings were that anxiety was greater in those with more severe hearing loss and that symptoms were reduced following hearing loss treatment.

Anxiety Disorders  

An anxiety disorder is a persistent (lasting 6 months+) and excessive worry or anxiety. Here are some that could potentially worsen if you have an untreated hearing loss:

If you recognize any of these symptoms, please speak to a doctor.

As we all come to understand these conditions more, it’s evident that treating a hearing loss could help reduce anxiety. But what if the prospect of coming to a hearing center and having tests triggers your anxiety? You may feel vulnerable, worried about costs and implications or uncertain about what happens afterwards.

Rest assured, the professional team at Come Hear Hearing Center are caring and experienced. We understand it can be difficult to discuss these types of feelings – but it will help us care for your needs better. So, if you are ready to claim back your social life and benefit from treating hearing loss, please call (864) 546-5708 to arrange your next appointment.

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