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5 Signs Hearing Loss is Haunting You

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It’s a dark, chilly, frightful time of year for your hearing health. Fireworks, coughs and colds, loud celebrations and tempting treats all threaten your hearing. Perhaps your hearing concerns have been haunting you for some time now.

It’s not always obvious that your hearing has been slipping away. Much like a ghost, it could be haunting you. Perhaps you get an odd feeling something isn’t quite right but you don’t want to admit it’s real. Maybe you get tired after social events, having had to really concentrate on hearing anyone. This then leads to you staying home alone more often.

Like Edgar Allen Poe’s raven tap-tap-tapping on the door, you can’t just ignore these messages. They will continue to haunt you, even if you try to hide from them.

Here are the top five symptoms that your hearing is becoming a ghost of its former self:

  1. You often ask people to repeat what they said, or feel like they are mumbling.
  2. You find you miss parts of group conversations, especially in crowded situations.
  3. You frequently need to turn up the volume on the TV or your car stereo.
  4. You have difficulty on the phone and rely on using the speakerphone.
  5. You have started avoiding going to noisy parties and restaurants.

In addition to the above, you may find that you struggle to hear high pitched sounds. These can include:

If you recognize some or all of these tell-tale signs, who are you going to call? And this time, it’s not the Ghostbusters! We are here to help; call us today on 864-325-3584 or click here to request an appointment.

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