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10 Tips for Staying Social this Holiday Season with Hearing Loss

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As the invitations and preparations for the holiday season social activities begin, so might your worries about how to enjoy it all with your hearing loss. The holiday season involves a variety of social events in different environments, and each can pose their own hearing challenges. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you enjoy the social activities this holiday season to help you remain calm, involved and to have fun!

  1. Identify the challenges of any social event then plan how to resolve them. For example at a restaurant, ask ahead of time for a quiet table, and try to seat yourself in the center of the group.
  2. Use your hearing aids and adjust the settings to allow you to filter out background noise. Assistive devices or Bluetooth technology may also be helpful.
  3. Be open about your hearing loss. Speak to the host of any event and explain what would help, such as reducing the volume of any background music.
  4. Tell others how they can help, such as facing you when speaking. Read visual cues such as body language and gestures.
  5. Practice communication skills such as lip reading, getting the attention of whomever you wish to speak with by saying their name or gently tapping them. Only try talking with those closest to you.
  6. Ask friends to go out at less popular times when it is quieter, ask also to sit in well lit areas and far away from the kitchen or any speakers.
  7. Ask to buddy up with someone who understands your hearing loss.
  8. Take regular quiet breaks to relax your brain and ears, preventing overwhelm and fatigue especially if at a noisy venue like a party. If you wish to chat with someone ask them to come somewhere more quiet.
  9. If attending a performance, be sure to book seats with a good view or arrive early enough to be able to see well. Look for ‘Telecoil’ technology at venues such as movie theaters, churches etc.
  10. If watching a movie look for the closed captioning.

It is important to be open about your hearing needs. You should not have to miss out because of your hearing loss. If you wish to discuss any difficulties you experience socializing, you would like a check up or even help adjusting the settings on your hearing device, give us a call on 864-325-3584 or click here to request an appointment.

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